Thought for the day…

I was feeling optimistic about the world, about things around me, etc…yet recently, it seems my entire little circle has fallen apart. I have lost people close to me, I am miserable the past few days…I feel like this world has failed. Evil has been allowed to flourish, and it has won. I wonder if we will ever have our day, so to speak?? Materialism is nothingness. Relationships fail or die. There seems to be no escape from this realm…

Guess I am just depressed today. I don’t usually let it out, but here it is.

4 thoughts on “Thought for the day…

  1. matt says:

    its going around– i felt the same way. keep reminding yourself that we win in the end. this depression/dreary foreboding period is all a leadup to the upcoming chaos. hang in there.

  2. Thanks, Matt. It does seem to be going around. I just wish it would hurry up and pass.

  3. dinesh1201 says:

    Why so happening with you? get up and say cheese. Spread your arms and say “O My GOD I love you, please come to my heart”, and he’ll gives you energy.

  4. I don’t believe in “God” so I don’t suppose shouting up to the heavens at something I don’t believe in will work, sorry…but it is good you have the opportunity to pimp your blog, eh?

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