FDA silence on latest cancer cure

It works 100% of the time to eradicate cancer completely, and cancer does not recur even years later. That is how researchers describe the most convincing cancer cure ever announced.

The weekly injection of just 100 billionths of a gram of a harmless glyco-protein (a naturally-produced molecule with a sugar component and a protein component) activates the human immune system and cures cancer for good, according to human studies among breast cancer and colon cancer patients, producing complete remissions lasting 4 and 7 years respectively. This glyco-protein cure is totally without side effect but currently goes unused by cancer doctors.

Normal Gc protein (also called Vitamin-D binding protein) , an abundant glyco-protein found in human blood serum, becomes the molecular switch to activate macrophages when it is converted to its active form, called Gc macrophage activating factor (Gc-MAF). Gc protein is normally activated by conversion to Gc-MAF with the help of the B and T cells (bone marrow-made and thymus gland-made white blood cells). But, as researchers explain it themselves, cancer cells secrete an enzyme known as alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (also called Nagalase) that completely blocks conversion of Gc protein to Gc-MAF, preventing tumor-cell killing by the macrophages. This is the way cancer cells escape detection and destruction, by disengaging the human immune system. This also leaves cancer patients prone to infections and many then succumb to pneumonia or other infections.

The once-weekly injection of minute amounts of Gc-MAF, just 100 nanograms (billionths of a gram), activates macrophages and allows the immune system to pursue cancer cells with vigor, sufficient to produce total long-term cures in humans.

Nobuto Yamamoto, director of the Division of Cancer Immunology and Molecular Biology, Socrates Institute for Therapeutic Immunology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, says this is “probably the most potent macrophage activating factor ever discovered.”

Once a sufficient number of activated macrophages are produced, another Gc-MAF injection is not needed for a week because macrophages have a half-life of about six days. After 16-22 weekly doses of Gc-MAF the amount of Nagalase enzyme fell to levels found in healthy people, which serves as evidence tumors have been completely eliminated. The treatment was fool-proof – – – it worked in 100% of 16 breast cancer patients and there were no recurrent tumors over a period of 4 years, says a report in the January 15 issue of the International Journal of Cancer. [International Journal Cancer.2008 January15; 122(2):461-7]

In another startling follow-up report by Dr. Yamamoto and colleagues, published in the upcoming July issue of Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy, Gc-MAF therapy totally abolished tumors in 8 colon cancer patients who had already undergone surgery but still exhibited circulating cancer cells (metastases). After 32-50 weekly injections, ”all colorectal cancer patients exhibited healthy control levels of the serum Nagalase activity, indicating eradication of metastatic tumor cells,”said researchers, an effect that lasted 7 years with no indication of cancer recurrence either by enzyme activity or CT scans, said researchers. [Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy Volume 57, Number 7 / July 2008] Published in an early online edition of this journal, this confirming report has received no attention by the new media so far, despite its striking importance.

Gc-MAF treatment for cancer has been agonizingly slow to develop. Dr. Yamamoto first described this immuno-therapy in 1993. [The Journal of Immunology, 1993 151 (5); 2794-2802]

In a similar animal experiment published in 2003, researchers in Germany, Japan and the United States collaborated to successfully demonstrate that after they had injected macrophage activating factor (Gc-MAF) into tumor-bearing mice, it totally eradicated tumors. [Neoplasia 2003 January; 5(1): 32–40]

In 1997 Dr. Yamamoto injected GcMAF protein into tumor-bearing mice, with the same startling results. A single enzyme injection doubled the survival of these mice and just four enzyme injections increased survival by 6-fold. [Cancer Research 1997 Jun 1; 57(11):2187-92]

In 1996 Dr. Yamamoto reported that all 52 cancer patients he had studied carried elevated blood plasma levels of the immune inactivating alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase enzyme (Nagalase), whereas healthy humans had very low levels of this enzyme. [Cancer Research 1996 Jun 15; 56(12):2827-31]

In the early 1990s, Dr. Yamamoto first described how the human immune system is disengaged by enzymes secreted from cancer cells, even filing a patent on the proposed therapy. [US Patent 5326749, July 1994; Cancer Research 1996 June 15; 56: 2827-31]

Activated Gc protein has been used in humans at much higher doses without side effect. This Gc macrophage activating factor (Gc-MAF) has been shown to be effective against a variety of cancers including breast, prostate, stomach, liver, lung, uterus, ovary, brain, skin, head/neck cancer, and leukemia.

Although GcMAF is also called Vitamin-D binding protein, the activation of macrophages does not require Vitamin D.

It cannot be said the Gc-MAF cancer cure has gone unheralded. Reuters News covered this developing story in January. But the news story still did not receive top billing nor did it fully elucidate the importance of the discovery, actually made years ago, that the human body is capable of abolishing cancer once its immune system is properly activated.

GcMAF is a naturally made molecule and is not patentable, though its manufacturing process is patent protected. There is no evidence of any current effort to commercialize this therapy or put it into practice. Should such an effective treatment for cancer come into common practice, the income stream from health-insurance plans for every oncology office and cancer center in the world Would likely be reduced to the point of financial insolvency and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be eliminated.

The National Cancer Institute estimates cancer care in the U.S. costs ~$72 billion annually (2004). Furthermore, about $55 billion of cancer drugs are used annually, none which have not significantly improved survival rates throughout the history of their use. If a typical cancer patient had to undergo 30 GcMAF injections at a cost of $150 per injection, that would cost ~$4500, not counting doctor’s office visits and follow-up testing. For comparison, gene-targeted cancer drugs range from $13,000 to $100,000 in cost per year and produce only marginal improvements in survival (weeks to months). [Targeted Oncology 2007 April, 2 (2); 113-19]

Up to this point, the National Cancer Institute is totally silent on this discovery and there is no evidence the cancer care industry plans to quickly mobilize to use this otherwise harmless treatment.

Addendum: Sadly, the treatment you have just read about is not available anywhere. Its inventor is attempting to patent a version of it to profiteer off of it even though there is no need to improve upon the GcMAF molecule – – it worked without failure to completely cure four different types of cancer with no long-term remissions and without side effect. While GcMAF is produced by every healthy adult, there are no centers available to extract it from blood samples and inject it into patients with malignancies. Hopefully, someday, doctors will write protocols to do this and submit them to institutional review boards so GcMAF treatment can be performed on an experimental basis. GcMAF is a naturally-made molecule that cannot be patented. This article was written to reveal that there are proven cancer cures that go unused. Of interest, not one oncologist has requested information about GcMAF since this article was written, while I have been barraged with inquires from cancer patients, their families and some interested physicians who are not cancer doctors.



19 thoughts on “FDA silence on latest cancer cure

  1. marie-paule van de sijpe says:

    Im a 44 year old brest cancer patient.(mother of 10 year old twin)
    Breastcancer began at the age of 38, last year remission in two lymph nodes…., chemo, radiation, hormon therapie etc…
    please tell me what i can do as a patient to have the GcMAF treatment before it s too late


    Best Regards

  2. Victoria Hicks says:

    I would like the same as the above lady. I too, have met’s breast caner, I do not have twins , I have a nine year old son. Please where can we find this drug?

    Please help,

    Victoria Hicks

  3. Unfortunately, it is not available to the public yet…that is the way it goes. I am truly sorry, and I know how agonizing cancer is.

  4. TheTeacher says:

    Fortunately, our lives are surrounded with cancer cures freely available to all. It just takes the desire, effort and persistence to root out the changes in diet and lifestyle necessary to return to a healthy cancer free life.

    Get off your fanny and look in your garden, to the sky and use the wonderful internet do discover how you to can cure your cancer without poisoning yourself with traditional medicines chemotherapy, radiation, and being cronically ill.

    The Teacher – Surviving 19 + years with a terminal form of fNHL…..

    • I agree, Teacher…my father was cured from a combination of diet and alternative medicines. He was given six months to live. He was smart enough to avoid chemotherapy. Thanks for sharing.

      • jowama says:

        If you dont mind can you tell us the alternative medications in question, am looking into alternative medicine for my mother. thanks

  5. bill danton says:

    I have a brother that has colon cancer that has gone to his lungs the doctors gave him 6 months 7 years ago. the tumors are large now and his breathing is difficult. We are a big greek family doing what ever we can. Any info where we can get the gc-maf would be great. All the best. Bill

  6. Wellbeing says:

    Everything these days seems to revolve about making money – especially if it involves health.

    The big Pharma do it with the assistance of the various Government bureaucracies.

    We would like to find out more about this treatment to see if we can offer it on a non-profit basis to those people who need it. We already offer one product that has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory by independent scientists to those who will become involved in a large scale clinical study. Information can be found at our website about becoming involved in our attempt to aid sufferers to take control of their own health.

    We believe that we should all have the ability to make up our own minds about what we take into our bodies to deal with the illnesses caused by the modern world.

    We look forward to hearing more about this.

    Best wishes to you all.


  7. kim spencer says:

    I am a mother of four young children ,my youngest is eight months old.I was recently went through an operation to remove a bowel cancer,but it has also spread into my liver 20 lesions and four in my lungs.Chemo was given twice with a trial drug but this neary killed me,at present I feel well but pray for a miracle so I can be with my children as they grow up.

    Does this treatment offer us this chance?


  8. NADIA says:

    My sister has stage 4 colorectal cancer that spread to the liver, para-iorta and th lymph nodes and ofcourse the actual tumor is 8cm. She has lost everything to this cancer, tried every darn alternative treatments you can think of. I also found out about GC-MAF, please let me know if anyone finds out about it nad where she can have done. Also I have spoken to Dr. Yamamato himself, did not give me any positive feedback, I was dissapointed. I have been doing a research about Dr. A.P. John cancer institute that has CAAT, anyone seen result with it. Furthermore, I have spend my money and my sister’s money on this cancer where there should be easy cure for this cancer. Please stay in touch if anyone is going thru the same cancer and has seen success with other modalities. My sister also tried Alpha Lipoic Acid with Low Dose Naltraxone with Dr. Berkson, maybe it can help other cancers. My heart goes out to everyone faced with this horrible disease and know how tough it is to deal with it. I know there is a cure, but they refuse to legalize it so they can make their trillions of dollars.

    • dylan says:

      google electrical properties of cancer cells. it’s a pdf file free allso google about a man called royalrife you will need to look through 50 sites, 80 years ago he cured cancer using a transmitter in AM range, very easy to prove or disprove. passing a voltage of 175 millivolts through cancer cells kills them. allso helps if you understand structure of water. water is dipolar with a magnetic momment massif amount of info to understand this,clear head total focus. if i can do it anyone can. cancer virus is somewere around 2 nm in size allso photons enter electron chains and power activity of cells, we are photonized ionic transciveing occilating waves. sound mad but you will find out for yourself

      • dylan says:

        where it says 175 millivolts it should say 175 milliamps as original hand written notes said milliamps. other people like myself made mistake called it millivolts.

  9. oh i love alternative medicines, they are usually effective but with lesser bad side effects compared to conventional medicatio ”

  10. ste says:


    it is i use from 2010 in europe although on CFS which has no interest for drug industry and not cancer-hiv
    anyway 4 labs in europe produce it and it is available in europe

  11. Mary says:

    It’s now2011 and would like to know if this cure is available to the public yet? How long do we have to wait?

  12. Bobby McClintock says:

    There are millions of us who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Our immune systems have been damaged by various toxics. Do you think this would be a help to kick-start our immune systems too? Many of us have other health problems too, especially cancer. We have many volunteers here in Hawaii if you’d like to do research. Thanks!

  13. sacerdote says:

    recently I was reading about a fruit can help to cure cancer despite I dont know what is its name in english the name in spanish is guanabana is green outside and white pulp inside with black seeds very sweet and taste very good.
    you open the fruit and by hand take out the seeds and make juice with the pulp and drink it twice a day or more.

    eat lot of sparragus everyday and drink also a little spoon of bicarbonato de soda in a glass of water (twiss it) every morning. and even linaza has wonderful properties that can help to fight cancer.

    all this are natural things and dont produce any side effect.

    look for somebody that speak spanish and know the names in english of this natural remedies.

  14. firthy2012 says:

    I’ve heard bi carbonate of soda in water, twice daily is worth a try, but who knows?

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