The men behind the mask…

Meet David Axelrod, the individual who has essentially created Obama:

Meet Rahm Emanuel:

Emanuel is said to have “mailed a rotting fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways.”[9] On the night after the Clinton election, “Emanuel was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting ‘Dead! … Dead! … Dead!’ and plunging the knife into the table after every name.”[2] His “take-no-prisoners attitude” earned him the nickname “Rahm-bo”.

In 1998, Emanuel served on the Chicago Housing Association board and was repeatedly accused of undermining fair and affordable housing for low-income minorities. Opponents cite incidents during which Emanuel left concerned citizens meetings in which Section 8 housing destruction was authorized to talk on his cell phone or take early lunches. He has never publicly commented on his CHA years.


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