Automatic Writing Session November 5th

Don’t talk
Reaching out
Control altered
No fight left
Eric Randolph (NO clue who this is.)

I also had a vision…I kept seeing a continuous image. It was Barack Obama shaking somebody’s hand. It kept repeating, as if it was ominous or something…

Also saw the tarot card of the hanged man.

Don’t know what it means…


2 thoughts on “Automatic Writing Session November 5th

  1. eli says:

    Eric Randolph is a young musician from Tennessee. I googled him and came up with a my space page. Eric RUDOLPH was the Atlanta Olymoics bomber who eluded the authorities for over 5 years up in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

  2. Hmmm…I don’t believe it had to do with Eric Rudolph, but you never know. Maybe I should contact the young musician lol

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