You had the chance…

Republicans-you had your opportunity to make change during the primary season. You had the chance to vote for a man that would revitalize the party, a man that would make a person proud to be both an American and a republican. That man was Ron Paul. Now, today, you have given us the choice of evil. This choice-John McCain-is a half-hearted attempt to uphold the status quo. Barack Obama is also evil. In my mind, it is difficult to differentiate between the two candidates. I will say, though, that I have grave concerns about an Obama administration. My concerns revolve around constitutional rights, especially the right to bear arms and free speech.
Has anyone noticed the atypical reactions of an Obama supporter? They do not seem to understand why they support their candidate. Some seem to like to blindly scream racism when you question his policy. They scream “HOPE” and “CHANGE” without intellectualizing what the catalysts for those words are. They repeat mantras that can seem very scary, and their treatment of Obama as Messiah is downright frightening.
Another factor that concerns me is the likelihood of a complete democratic party domination. Does anyone honestly want one party to control the legislative and executive branch? Do you realize what the ramifications of this are? Nobody to keep things in check, one party controlling all.
I voted third party, as both parties have become insignificant to me. The bailout is a perfect example of this. I will not serve two parties that refuse to serve me. I do not believe in taxation without representation.
Congratulations, republicans-you didn’t work to enact change when you had the opportunity. Congratulations, democrats-you might get more change than you bargained for. In the end, we all lose…and history will show that the few that knew better will indeed be correct.



7 thoughts on “You had the chance…

  1. Check out Obama on the Arts. This is why I support him:

    We can do this.

    Yes we can.

  2. See what I mean? Totally missed the point.

    “Yes we can.”

    Point proven.

  3. anarchore says:

    And the dems had the chance to choose Kucinitch, who seems to be a good man!

  4. Kucinich would have been a good choice, at least he has convictions, and was a decent man when I spoke with him. He took his time with me, and was completely honest. I cannot say that about many politicians.

  5. DanG says:

    Paul / Kucinitch would have been such a great thing for American. a *true* Conservative and a true Liberal, both opposed the war in iraq and the gawd awful ‘patriot’ act.


  6. Darnell says:

    A fine comment Heidi-Lore. I mostly agree with your sentiments. I really wish that Ron Paul would have ran as an independent. I think the election may have turned out differently. Ron Paul seemed to be pretty popular with the grassroots, but he wasn’t easily swayed like the other candidates to abide by the rule of the party (for there is really no two party system…but one party disguised as two). It will be interesting to see how the next four years turn out. The economy is always a major issue, and it always seems to have wide ramifications for change in other areas when it gets to the point where it is now. (A good example: 1933) I hope that Ron Paul won’t give up, and might consider running in 2012. Third parties are always the way to go….unfortunately for America….we are stuck in the two (or one) party rut.

  7. Advance! says:

    America is destined for destruction, a fitting fate for a stupid and apathetic population too concerned with things that don’t matter to worry about things that do. Arm yourselves and prepare, the good times are over.

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