Mad as hell

The natural order of things are askew. The evil ones have taken away our spirit, so we are not allowed to be warriors. Our very nature has been suppressed. It is too late. I have reached the pinnacle of cynicism. This earth is soon to blow up, and nobody even realizes it. There is nothing but organized chaos from these reptiles that wish to control us.

Some can feel this, if you don’t, just go away and don’t pay any attention to me. It is quite obvious that many don’t pay attention to signs, symbols and jargon that is created to pacify us.

If you are one of the lucky ones that doesn’t think and merely exists, I commend you. That means you don’t have to think. You can just go about your daily lives, not realizing the power of higher consciousness. I wish I was like you, on occasion.

You mock those that think. There is no reward in this slavery system for individuality. This is currently the norm in this society.

Guess what? I don’t really give a damn. I will say what I have to say, without fear of repercussions. For the only way to truly know you are free is if you care enough for something to be willing to say it, or even die for it.

Keep watching. You are in the times that will force you to look in the mirror and agonize. It will help you feel more alive.

The ultimate sacrifice is ours…are you going to let these monsters get away with controlling you? Or will you truly be free?

The choice is yours. Natural order, or controlled, deliberate chaos. What do you want???



3 thoughts on “Mad as hell

  1. James says:

    Those who live on, will carry on. There has to be a Golden Age… doesn’t there?

  2. I am not horribly fond of the Venus Project. Seems a little…NWO’ish to me.

  3. James says:

    The first attempt at Anything is always the start of Something. Better to fall short, while moving forward, than to fail while falling. It’s something, and right now we are blasting towards nothing… or Everything.

    It’s so hard to know what will happen, even while knowing what Is happening. I still can’t decide if the world will be cleft in half, or merely our psyches. Whether we as Humanity will be hung on the proverbial Cross, or just the Ideals that we have been fooled into accepting.

    I know what I Want to happen….. but I fear the toilet Won’t flush, more than I hope it Will

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