The American Political Vernacular

The American Political Vernacular-HLL

Republicans (sellouts): You are voting for Obama! You are a terrorist and a socialist!!

Translation: We don’t like socialism, yet we will gladly give out corporate welfare in the form of a socialist bailout designed for the elite. We scream socialism is bad because we want to avoid discussing social issues.

Democrats (sellouts): You are voting for McCain! You are a warmonger and a rich, elitist idiot!!

Translation: We don’t care to discuss our social “change.” We won’t tell you we voted for the rich and elite with the bailout bill. We also won’t tell you that even though some of us may seem anti-war to you, we actually supported Bush’s invasion. You’re racist!!

BOTH parties (sellouts): You are voting for a third party! Your vote doesn’t count! You took away votes from (insert name here)!!!!!!!!!

Translation: We have no ideas. We have become insolvent and irrelevant. We cannot argue on issues or positions, therefore we attack those independent enough to vote for whomever they see fit.

The puppet masters are hitting desperation mode. The next two weeks will be highly amusing to watch…too bad it is our very existence at stake. Both parties are full of clowns, and the idiots are paying overinflated prices for a big top ticket. The circus is coming to town!!


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