Threatened by a zionist…lol

*This actually happened to me*

Apparently, it’s okay to threaten Iran with nukes…but the moment you say “nuke israel” this is what you get…

hey … u are so full of sfan , u have somthing againsts israel ? ok good , why don’t u go to some israeli people and tel them that …do not hide behaind ur pc and whrite racist posts vs israel like ” nuke israel ” and other racist stuff u do…u think that ur so far away from us ? no u are not ..i can send this post to someone who will get u arested for posting racist information about israel and about jews ..i have watched all ur previous posts and all have racist info vs israel and jews and i dunno why u do this ….but be carful there with ur thoghts and dont call a hole nation on how u feel in that distinct moment u fool

THAT is tolerance from a woman from Israel. Welcome to 1984!!!!! I especially like “Be careful there with your thoughts.” She must be a pleasant person to be around….come and get me, then!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!


One thought on “Threatened by a zionist…lol

  1. anarchore says:

    Nope, the more I look at it, the more I see the same old patterns playing out amoungst the “chosen ones”, whereas even if a Jew is against the war, they still support the “Jewish groups” who are for the war.

    And of course there are the hysterics whenever any of the aforementioned UberKikes mention that Israel is in danger. Reason goes out the window on the Jewish owned warmongering media. “A Jewish fingernail in Israel is under threat! Let’s invade Iraq! Let’s nuke Iran for Israel!”

    So if the Jews can’t control those who are claiming to be their leaders(warmongering Jews), it is up to us “unchosen” humans to do so, hopefully right over Judenschittz like the waste of skin who wrote that comment. Fuck Israhell!

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