Something is WRONG

Maybe I am going crazy. That is a distinct possibility. I feel so much anger right now in the world…

I feel that doomy feeling.

I feel as if I need to prepare for something, but I have absolutely no clue what I need to prepare for.

Something is up…something bad is on the horizon.

Pessimistic, maybe, but something is up.

I cannot meditate. I cannot wrap my head around it, which I am normally able to do…

My dreams are so STRONG and VIVID.


You Know You’re An Anti-Semite If…

You Know You’re An Anti-Semite If……

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you realize the last several heads of Federal Reserve were Jewish, know why, and are cognizant of the fact that there is nothing “federal” about the Federal Reserve.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you remember the numerous bombings that Israel has done against the U.S. and its friends, such as the USS Liberty, the LaVon Affair, the King David Hotel, etc.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you realize what the (K) and (U) symbols mean on food products and metals, and you try to avoid purchasing such products so that the rabbis who make tens of millions of dollars on these products through their kosher excise tax won’t get your money.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you question why Israel bombs Lebanon when Lebanon apprehends Israel’s soldiers in Lebanon, but Lebanon never bombs Israel when Israel grabs Lebanese or Palestinian citizens.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if there are no pictures of you saying the pledge of allegiance with Israel’s flag in the background.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you’ve never worn a Jewish beanie, and scratch your head when someone calls a beanie that y-word.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if it saddens you when you hear that Israel has done its routine bombing of an apartment building or farm in an effort to kill someone it suspects of being a “terrorist,” and know that Israel’s definition of a “terrorist” is typically someone who refuses to believe that Jews are God’s special “Chosen Race.”

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you’ve heard of either the Catholic’s St. Simon of Trent or the Orthodox’s St. Andrei Youshchinsky, and know what caused their deaths.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you wonder when the government will actually DO something about AIPAC’s virtual plutocratic dictatorship over American politicians.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you recognize the clearly Jewish names in Tyco’s falling, and Enron’s, and a host of other companies.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you question why Israeli criminals are consistently allowed to flee to Israel, where they stay secure in the thought that Israel’s high courts have specifically stated that a Jew should have to stand trial before non-Jews.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you can’t understand how Israel is allowed to build its Wall of Separation right through the homes of non-Jews without just – even any – compensation.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you don’t think non-Jews should go to jail for their religious beliefs, as many Christians currently do in Canada and in parts of Europe if they cite the Book of John.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you watched the online video “Understanding Anti-Semitism” online and said, “I knew that.”

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you wonder how 6 million Jews reportedly died in the “Holocaust,” yet, according to Jewish sources, there was actually a slight increase in population of the Jews at the end of the war.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you you’re tired of watching the Holocaust-propaganda videos Jews make on an average of 1 every 10 days–60 years after the war’s end–and also wonder when they’re going to make a film about the 60 million Russians who were murdered by mostly Jewish bolsheviks in the former Soviet Union, such as by NKVD/KGB head Kaganovich.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you’re aware of the Jewish influence to get the U.S. involved in Iraq, and are knowledgeable of the Israel-firsters quickly pushing America towards Israel’s next enemies, Iran and Syria.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you put America’s interests before that of Israel.

You Know You’re an Anti-Semite if you breathe and aren’t Jewish.

Jewish mayor battles white sheriff over illegal alien invasion

Gordon is the first Jewish mayor of Phoenix, one of America’s fastest-growing cities. A popular leader serving his second term, Gordon has spoken out on behalf of Israel more than most local elected officials. He even penned an opinion article on the threat of Iran, in which he urged other local politicians to take a stand. But he also has taken a vocal position on an issue that is less of his choosing and more a product of his city’s circumstance: how to handle illegal immigration.

In recent months, that debate has intensified in Phoenix, as the Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio, has taken extreme measures to round up and deport illegal immigrants. Gordon, along with local Jewish groups, has made decrying the sheriff’s strong-armed tactics — which, according to news reports, have included forcing arrested illegal immigrants to wear pink underwear and eat rotten green bologna sandwiches — a top priority.

“The mayor is the only high-level politician in Arizona who stood up against the sheriff,” said Rabbi Maynard Bell, executive director of the Arizona chapter of the American Jewish Committee. “Suddenly the sheriff is no longer a sacred cow anymore, and I think it took the mayor’s courage to do that.”

And Arpaio is a highly popular figure among the Arizona electorate. An Arizona State University poll conducted in late April showed a 59% approval rating for the Maricopa County sheriff. Gordon, on the other hand, had only a 42% approval rating.

ADL Elephant In Evangelical Parlor

By Rev. Ted Pike
The latest mixing of synagogue and state by the Anti-Defamation League consists of 36 pages of proposals it wants included in the Republican and Democrat presidential party platforms. (See, <>ADL Submits Policy Priorities to Democratic and Republican Platform Committees)

ADL, through its “Policy, Priorities, and Recommendations of the Anti-Defamation League,” desires to plank the Democratic-Republican platforms with the rotten wood of more of its hate laws and pro-homosexual, anti-Christian, and pro-Zionist initiatives.

While ADL decries as “anti-Semitic” evangelical attempts to intrude into Judaism by witnessing to Jews, ADL’s proposal barges into the ethical and theological domain of Christians, trampling Christian values. Here’s part of ADL’s wish list:

Pass Hate Laws

ADL boldly takes credit for inspiring hate laws in 45 U.S. states and wants passage of its federal hate bill as soon as possible. “ADL drafted the model hate crimes statute which has formed the basis of many of the existing hate crime laws in forty-five states and the District of Columbia.” “We urge passage of the pending Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act as a top priority” (pg. 14) (See, <>

ADL wants the U.S. to increasingly unite with international “anti-hate” gestapos such as its Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. (See, <>Global Hate Crimes Gestapo Being Created) “The U.S. should enhance its own training of international law enforcement in the area of monitoring and responding to hate crimes.” (page 3) Privately, ADL wants international enforcement of hate crimes laws to proceed from Jerusalem. Prime Minister David Ben Gurion prophesied Jerusalem would become “the supreme court of mankind,” arbitrating all disputes between the ‘federated continents’ of the Zionist new world order. (Look Magazine, 1962) ADL encourages Republican and Democrat leaders to promote its “Office of Global Anti-Semitism” in the U.S. State Department as it links America to hate crimes bureaucracies in Canada, Australia, and Europe. (page 3) (See, <>The Real Motive Behind the ‘Department of Global Anti-Semitism’)

Fight “Anti-Semitism”

Christians may think ADL’s opposition to anti-Semitism and creation of laws and agencies to fight it threatens only radical Islamic and white supremacist groups. On the contrary, Christians must face the fact that to ADL “anti-Semitism” largely refers to Christian evangelism of Jews and the New Testament claim that the Jews had Christ crucified. (See, <>ADL’s Foxman: New Testament is Anti-Semitic) The ultimate target for ADL hate laws is public proclamation of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When directed toward Jews, ADL calls such witnessing “unwelcome proselytizing.” (page 27)

End Criticism of Homosexuality

ADL says, “The United States should take a leadership role in mobilizing government efforts to confront and denounce. . .homophobia and all forms of hatred and bigotry.” Again, since evangelical Christians remain the primary critics of sodomy, they’re the brunt of ADL’s efforts to enlist government suppression.


ADL says, “We support prompt passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as another essential step forward for the United States toward ensuring equality and opportunity for all Americans.” (page 30) ENDA is ADL’s federal workplace hate crimes bill. It makes any Christian who refuses to hire a homosexual or fires him because of his homosexuality, or who won’t sell or rent property to a homosexual, into a federal hate criminal. ENDA will impose huge fines on offenders and imprisonment on those who repeat the offense. ENDA ushers in the almost certain eventuality that churches will be forced to hire homosexuals as clergy.

Support Same-Sex Marriage

“ADL supports efforts to extend all the rights, protections and benefits of civil marriage to same-sex couples.” ADL says it is proud of the amicus brief it was invited to submit to the California Supreme Court, which may have led to the court’s decree legalizing same-sex marriage. On the other hand, “The Anti-Defamation League opposes bans on same-sex marriage,” such as now is being proposed by a referendum of 1.1 million California voters. (page 31-32) (See, <>ADL Settles for ‘Piecemeal Conquest’)

End Christian Witness in the Military

“ADL is concerned that religious harassment and unwelcome proselytizing are an ongoing problem in the military and the nation’s service academies.” “ADL calls for Congressional oversight and hearings that could lead to the adoption of consistent guidelines to address reports of religious intolerance and proselytizing.”

Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt bore the brunt of policies in the U.S. Air Force and Navy laid down by Chief Ethical Advisor Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, banning public prayers in Jesus’ name by military chaplains. ADL recommends political parties support a ban on all servicemen and women from active witnessing for Christ. (page 27) (See, <>Correction: Speech at Air Force Academy Not Free)

Discourage Biblical Creationism

Concerning teaching of creation as well as evolution in public schools, “ADL has consistently opposed these troubling initiatives – including so-called “Academic Freedom Acts” which support the teaching and consideration of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution.” (page 25) ADL wants America’s children taught the perverse, unscientific idea that they evolved from slime. This will help them embrace the next perverted step in the ADL-indoctrinated school system: homosexuality. (See, <>How the Bible Became ‘Hate Speech’ in California)

Discourage Education outside the Public Schools

ADL stresses the importance of improving public education, not abandoning it for private Christian schools or homeschooling. ADL says, “The glory of the American system of public education is that it is for all children, regardless of their religion, their academic talents, their mental or physical disabilities, or their ability to pay a fee.” ADL disapproves of vouchers that fund private religious education. It wants all American children forced into public schools where its pro-homosexual, relativist values will be thrust upon a young and easily influenced, captive audience.

Discourage Criticism of Israel

“The U.S. must continue its historic support of the state of Israel, “says ADL, “to ensure its qualitative military edge to promote its security.” The U.S. government and political parties, it says, should “combat anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement.” (page 5)

Most evangelicals, even if they disapprove of ADL’s anti-Christianity, reflexively resist the idea that there is anything anti-Christian or threatening about Israel. The reality is that ADL, as Israel’s primary PR representative to the world, epitomizes Israel’s true attitudes toward Jesus and His followers. Although organized in different ways, ADL, Knesset, Mossad, IDF, and Zionism are one.

“In Relentless Attack”

As Rabbi Daniel Lapin warned, liberal Jewish activism, “is in relentless attack on evangelical Christianity.” (See, <>Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under ‘Relentless Attack’ by ‘Secular Judaism’) Yet, while the ADL war-elephant ransacks the parlor of Christendom, incredibly, evangelical leaders give every impression that the elephant doesn’t exist! With an ability to censor equal to any totalitarian dictatorship, all leaders of the Christian/conservative right cooperate in a pact of silence. They agree the word ADL will never, never be uttered in public.

As a result, even as ADL’s hate crime and same-sex initiatives trample Christian rights in California, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, etc., most of 70 million American evangelicals have never heard of ADL. Why? Their trusted leaders have never publicly said the word.

Why don’t evangelical leaders protest ADL? It’s because they are terrified of ADL’s power to ruin Christian organizations, ministries, and reputations by labelling them anti-Semitic.

Meanwhile, ADL looks on these cowards of Christendom with contempt. Authentic Christianity contains an astonishing assertion: The Son of God came down to earth and allowed Himself to be publicly humiliated and crucified, yet resurrected so that extraordinary and divine power and wisdom could be imparted to His followers. He promised, through His Holy Spirit, a courage and capacity to oppose evil that is not of this world. But, judging from the fact that evangelicals are so easily deceived and their leaders tremble before ADL, silenced before the power of an infinitesimally small percentage of the world’s population, can we blame ADL for believing that the alleged supernatural power behind Christianity doesn’t exist? Such evangelical behavior only confirms to skeptical Jews that Jesus must surely not be all-empowering God but an impostor and false prophet, as the Talmud describes Him. (See, <>U.S. Government, Talmud Mock New Testament)

It is hard to imagine a greater spiritual failure than to empower such evil by the cowardice of silence. Yet evangelical leaders, evidently fearing the Jews much more than God or the possible contempt of their suffering descendants, continue, with almost military discipline, to see, hear, and speak no evil of ADL.