Illuminati symbolism at Hoover Dam

When JM and I went to Hoover Dam last week, we really were not prepared for the amount of symbolism that this place conveyed. There were messages all over the place! I am not going to assume what it all means, but it is a bit unnerving. Upon exit of the visitors area, you are greeted by two massive statues and artwork depicting the universe. While you are perusing the artwork and information on the star systems, there is a voice in the background telling you that the whole thing was built in hope that the aliens would come down from the sky and be able to locate the Hoover Dam. WTF? Here are some pictures.

Here are photos of JM and I next to the massive (strange) statues:

This last photo was the most weird one. It was some kind of monument that was tucked far away from the crowds, down near the river. Sorry for the terrible resolution, I had to kick it to digital zoom in order to even get it, it was so far away. Why would they have such a monument far from the people?

Needless to say, there is plenty of symbolism surrounding the Hoover Dam. Are they preparing for an alien arrival, or is it something else?

The Great Deception

Hey, notice all these weird UFO and alien stories in the news lately? They are preparing us for it! Question is, why? I have to wonder why seemingly intelligent, against the sheep types are falling for something that TPTB are putting out there! Do you think these people are capable of honesty? Here are a few of the recent headlines:

Vatican Considers Possibility of Aliens

Vatican’s LUCIFER Telescope on Apache Holy Land

Hawking: Aliens may pose risks to Earth

UFO expert: Aliens cautioning humans on nukes

Tucson UFO Sighting: Event witnessed by many remains a mystery


The Vatican and United Nations ready for Alien contact?

Astrophysicist to be named UN’s alien ambassador

This is all stuff in mainstream media. Just curious, why would they pick this particular topic? Perhaps we are being conditioned to accept an alien threat as something inevitable. What happens when that happens? Hmm…I suppose we could be easier to control, bring about a new world order, you know, all that pleasant stuff. One world united, either against the aliens or for em. Doesn’t matter which way, either way…united.

Don’t allow yourself to be tricked. If the UN and Vatican are prepping us…if intelligent people like Stephen Hawking are mentioning it…something is happening.

I don’t know what the end result of this is. I tend to be cynical and doubtful. I have seen way too many people fall into this UFO trap; hell, I have seen UFOs. Still wondering how or why.

We are going to need a new “Messiah” to lead us into the golden age, no? Feel bad for anyone that is actually going to fall for that, but oh well. I cannot control you. I will give you information, though, and this stuff is quite curious. Why now? What is going on?

Here is an interesting link on Project Bluebeam. Keep in mind, several people connected to this have actually DIED.

Don’t fall for it, please. Be cautious and use discernment. I watched that conference today, and I got many bad vibes from it.

January Dreams

*I am going to start posting the dreams I have. I will not use last names to protect the innocent…lol. As usual, if any of these dreams resonate with you…or they mean something…please email me or leave a comment. Thank you!!*

January 3rd

Big Pat and I were in a house. There were many different levels to the house, and we were trying to get to the top level.

January 4th

I was outside and there were overturned grocery carts all over the place. Garbage was on a conveyor belt, moving from outside to inside.


I was stuck in a house. It was like it was in the X-Files. There were huge movie screens in every room and there was a very large swimming pool.

January 11th

A bunch of us were going on a road trip. We were going to a mall in Memphis, Tennessee. I went into some woman’s apartment. Her fridge and stove were missing. I was crying and drinking a glass of wine. I was in the mall, and going down the escalator. Some people were messing with me and tied me to a guardrail.

January 12th

I was a teenager. I was on a bus. We stopped somewhere to get a pizza, I think it was Harris Pizza. While waiting for the pizza to get done, I was trying to make phone calls. I could not get ahold of anybody. Someone wanted to bomb the bus. My pizza got done, but they gave it to the post office. They said if I wanted a piece of pizza, I would have to come to the post office to get it. I had to walk to order another one.

January 13th

I was scared. My father was Michael Landon and he had a gun.

January 14th

There was a man with a gun. He was trying to kill a lot of people.

January 16th

I was visiting my parents. I went down to the basement. The stairs were dilapidated, they were in bad shape. My dad was trying to fix them. There was turpentine dripping from the walls, getting on my skin. I was trying to get ready for church. I was wearing a big blue hat, like a bonnet. I started to cut my hair.

January 18th

I was with Kevin and Jenn at the mall. They did not have enough money to pay for lunch. I went to see a movie. There was a group outside the theater taking surveys to determine people’s sanity. The test said I was crazy.

January 19th

I was in an airplane. We were following the Mississippi River. Something was wrong with the river, like it had flooded and changed course.

January 20th

I was in a mall. Patrick and I were looking all over for a restaurant. We found a map with little islands on a river, there were strange bridges.

January 21st

I was in a forest. I was being chased around by strange men. I ran to a ledge and jumped.

January 26th

I was looking all over for Patrick. I could not find him. I ran into Big Pat. We were trying to work on some computers. There was a dead body in his attic, we were near the dam in Illinois City. The police came to look, but he had hidden the body very well.

January 29th

I was in the mountains, the Alps I think. I was looking down at a bunch of smaller mountains.

January 31st

I was in a basement. There were aliens all over the place. There was a group of us trying to defeat the aliens. We had to go out at night to be safe from them. They were reptilians.

Do you feel you have been abducted???

If you feel you have had experience with alien entities, please get ahold of me. I would like to discuss the experiences. It is COMPLETELY confidential. If you would like, you can create an email address specifically for this purpose. My emails are and

Thank you in advance. Even if you are not sure, and think something MIGHT have happened, let me know. Please add your blood type, if it is known :) Thank you very much…would like to get some things together!!

UFOs ‘have been here since 1947′

Editor of UFO Data Magazine Philip Mantle is set to unveil his findings at an international conference this month.

He investigated the site in Roswell, New Mexico where many people believe there was an alien crash landing. He analysed rock, earth and vegetation.

The area is surrounded by charred trees and bushes and a mysterious blue substance that dribbles down rocks.

US physician Dr Ronald Rau said in the 1940s high levels of radiation pointed to a ship landing there in the 1940s.

The area in the Nogal Canyon is close to the well-known Socorro desert site where experts say another object appeared to have landed in 1964.

Mr Mantle said: “A good friend of mine Ed Gerham first found the site and I flew over as soon as I could.

“It was a real find and as soon as I arrived there I knew what a special and peculiar place it was. There is nothing around it for around 70 miles, it is literally in the middle of nowhere.

“Us Brits really have beaten the Americans at their own game and it is really great that we have done that. It really is revolutionary for the UFO world.”

Mr Mantle is set to reveal his full findings at the UFO Data Annual Conference later this month in Leeds.

Where Does The Real UFO Threat Come From?

Just about everyone knows that exclamation from the classic television series “Lost In Space”.

I added it here as a way to introduce some levity because in UFOlogy I’ve found far too much danger out and about.

No, I’m not talking about mysterious men in black outfits who appear unannounced casting menacing glares like the UFO stories of old, I’m talking about the dangers of we humans and our oft times irresponsible behavior toward one another. To tell you the truth I don’t know what’s more dangerous, the so called alien threat or the real threat of having your fellow human being give you a beat down because of your involvement with UFOs.

I bring all this up because I have two stories to tell in regard to UFOs that involve witnesses too frightened to talk and witnesses of such high credibility who have talked and I should disclose their information soon. These two stories involve close encounters with UFOs in which multiple witnesses are involved, however, in one of these stories there were numerous pictures taken, law enforcement was present and the witnesses still alive after two decades. No one wants to come forward in that instance because of some improprieties in their on duty conduct let us say. So here we are with a major mystery that could be solved but the witnesses can’t come forward because some were drinking or getting high or messing around with someone else’s spouse while on duty and out and about.

It’s starting to sound like a country and western song.

In another incident it has taken 10 years to solve. It involves the huge boomerang or triangular shaped UFOs people have been reporting from around the world for over 30 years. I had a surprise witness show up at my online chat at the old Parascope Magazine on AOL several years ago and then a witness give me straight up information just a few weeks ago. Neither witnesses knows the another but their data matches enough for me to put together a story. I had to double check in regard to sources as each news service is different and the philosophies of journalism vary, but the information is so startling that I cannot deny it myself any longer.

UFOlogy is unfortunately peppered with bigotry. In the old days anyone talking about flying saucers and UFOs and aliens were ridiculed and far too often tossed into psychiatric centers against their will. History might include the late Secretary James Forrestal, another hometown hero of mine, whom documentation states was head of the U.S. venture into the then known as “Flying Saucer” problem. He too after having practically run WWII for us, ended up in psychiatric incarceration and met a still debated unceremonious end. Just a cursory glance at the history of UFOlogy shows our worst enemies seem to be psychiatrists. I’m sure anyone with kids in schools nowadays can attest to how many times your kinders have been said to be ‘uncontrollable’ and prescribed psychiatric medication. It’s like these headshrinkers are working for the other side.

A few years ago Mexican journalist and one-man-army Jaime Maussan visited me in Los Angeles. Jaime was in town to host one of his highly popular UFO seminars at one of the big theatres and we somehow meandered toward the topic of psychiatry and how it’s been used to intimidate and treat witnesses, whistle blowers, victims regarding UFOs. If anyone knows Jaime Maussan they know he’s not one to take a backseat to any controversial issue and sure as heck he told me about how the government in Mexico tried to take away his son and put him in psychiatric incarceration because he was just being a typical active little boy.

Big mistake.

Jaime used his journalistic skills and no nonsense drive and stomped a mud puddle in their hind parts and walked it dry as the old country saying goes. He practically destroyed the criminal psychiatric industry in Mexico.

The same should be done here in the U.S. as well.

Again, people are afraid to come forward in regard to UFOs and we who do research and reports have to take this into consideration and never betray that trust. It’s frustrating but if one cannot keep one’s word then one is worthless.

Recently I got attacked by some UFOlogists because I dared enter into the equation the unfamiliar. That’s typical of mainstream science and why such feats as flight, radio, electricity, to speak of a few, would never have been invented if the know-it-alls of their day had been listened to.

Remember, even the vaunted New York Times stated that not only could man not achieve flight, but also 70 years later that we’d not be able to reach the Moon.

So much for credibility.

Humans make their best strides forward by ignoring common sense, especially when that common sense is federally funded or better defined, institutionally supported.

On this we must always be vigilant but not to toss caution to the wind.

Here then are the parts of the UFO equation we need to address. It’s not necessarily a look into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, meaning that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin, but instead a look at ourselves and certain phenomenon that are with us on a daily basis, tons of documentation to support them, yet never addressed by mainstream science and the media.

So let me get metaphysical on our butts for a moment. These two phenomena that need to be looked into are OBEs short for Out of Body Experiences and past life phenomena.

I can hear the old school UFOlogists grumping and groaning because how dare we use science to look into the spiritual. Everyone knows science says there’s no God or spirit, but if that’s the case, why do six billion or more people still believe? Even when they’re starving and under weapons fire they still believe. Even when massive disasters wipe out tens of thousands they still believe. When men’s war machines wipe out millions like during the Holocaust, people still believe in the spirit. I’m reminiscing of the scene from the classic Dr. Seuss story “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” where the green old Grinch puzzled as to how the citizens of Whoville still believed in Christmas after he’d stolen their presents.

We’ve had well over 100 years of study of OBEs and past lives study. It’s simple to prove if it’s real or not yet no major media source nor scientific body has yet to leap onto TV and declare so. As usual some psychiatrist comes into play and tosses someone in a padded cell or whatever new Frankenstein like restraints they use or the issue is shuffled off to the giggle factor factory.

Bottom line is why not a look at it? Might this fill in some blanks regarding many of the phenomena associated with UFOs?

Let me be brief here. The main reason science and news won’t touch the issue is because the datum is so overwhelming that we are more than just physical creatures that to declare such as fact to the mentally deranged war mongers and greed merchants would send these poor chaps over the deep end. How much would the world change if we discovered we, the real being, was indeed immortal? Silly as a March hare but immortal? Irresponsible and childlike, but immortal? That means the last guy you murdered would some day come back and might want to even the score. Or how about that assassinated witness showing up with the goods but in a new body? That’d change the criminal justice system for sure.

All I’m doing here is pointing out that when we don’t have answers it’s because we’re not asking the right questions or making our questions right.

We don’t know everything there is in regard to the science of physics or biology or any of our sciences. We’re still learning, studying, testing.

That doesn’t mean however that we’re to berate and chastise others because they dare to explore new areas, new niches.

Life doesn’t know boundaries and neither should we.